Dubrovnik culture




The City of Dubrovnik has a large number of cultural organisations: ten public cultural institutions established by the City of Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik Museums, Linđo Folklore Ensemble, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, Marin Držić Theatre, Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik Modern Art Gallery, Dubrovnik Cinemas, Home of Marin Držić, Dubrovnik Natural History Museum, Dubrovnik Summer Festival). Additionally, the public cultural sector consists of institutions founded by the state or the county, and they are: the Dubrovnik State Archives, the Croatian Conservation Institute – Dubrovnik Department of Restoration, Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County Institute for Urban Planning, Conservation Department of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Institute for Historical Sciences. Even under conditions of the economic crisis, local culture budget has not been decreasing, and in spite of the economic circumstances, the City of Dubrovnik continues to be the lead city in Croatia in terms of budget resources reserved for investment in the cultural sector. Many of the municipal events, like the Dubrovnik Summer Games, the Libertas Film Festival and the Julian Rachlin & Friends music festival have won Dubrovnik the moniker of the City of Theatre and Arts. Visitors can enjoy stage plays and other cultural events at the Marin Držić Municipal Theatre, Rector’s Palace Culture and History Museum, Rupe Ethnographic Museum, Maritime Museum, Cathedral Treasury, Museum of the Monastery of the Friars Minor, Museum of the Dominican Monastery, Dubrovnik Natural History Museum and the Modern Arts Museum.